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Introducing the revolutionary 1SC Endgame Feeder - your gateway to significant earnings with minimal investment. With a completion of all 6 levels, you're not just increasing your financial potential, you're also accelerating the journey for others. Here's what's in store for you:

- Transform a mere $0.05 into a substantial $200 over and over again.

- Receive a staggering 1,706 automatic re-entries into the initial level of Endgame Feeder, propelling you and your peers towards completing level 6 with unprecedented speed.

- Gain 220 entries into the $1 Simple Cycler, further expanding your earning opportunities.

- Secure 44 entries into the Simple 5X Feeder, multiplying your investment potential.

What’s more, all these benefits are part of an annual Sub-Pack, providing sustained value.

The entry barrier is incredibly low at just $3.65, and for those eager to jumpstart their journey, single positions can be purchased at 5 cents, available 12 hours post-launch.

To top it all off, we offer a 100% referral matching bonus, doubling the rewards for spreading the word.

Take the first step towards a lucrative future with 1SC Endgame Feeder launching December 6th at 11:30AM EST

Let's Get Started With The Basics

Low Entry Fee

Just $5.50 gets you started.

Unique Matrix Structure

For each $1 position, you only need 3 people on your first level to cycle and earn $0.80. You'll also receive 2 free positions that go back into the same 1-level cycler. After 2 cycles, you earn $1.60 and get 4 free positions. After 4 cycles, you'll have $3.20 and 8 free positions. This keeps doubling, and after 8 cycles, you'll have $6.40 and 16 free positions. This process can continue indefinitely, all from a single $1 position.

Referral Rewards

Earn 10% on all Sub Pack purchased by your referrals.

Matching Bonus

Receive a $0.20 bonus every time your referrals cycle

Simplified Cycler

We stand out with a single-level cycler. Earn $0.80 repeatedly as everyone receives 2 positions back into the same 3x1 one level cycler, potentially creating infinite earnings.

Purchase Limitations

You can buy 1 position per 7 hours, but Sub Packs are available for unlimited purchase. Sub Pack release intervals vary based on the sub pack purchased.

"Less is More" Philosophy

Our simple 1-level cycler, requiring just 3 members on your 1st level, offers superior earning potential and consistent movement compared to programs with 10 or 12 levels that often stall.

Unlock Enormous Potential

Imagine the story of doubling a penny for 30 days turning into millions. Now, replace the penny with $0.80 – that's the massive opportunity at 1SimpleCycler

The Big Picture Invest $5.50 for your first 5 positions cycle, earn $4 but gain 10 positions.Earning $8 But here's the breakdown:


- 5 positions become 10, Potential Earning $8


- 10 positions become 20, Potential Earning $16


- 20 positions become 40, Potential Earning $32


- 40 positions become 80, Potential Earning $64


- 80 positions become 160, Potential Earning $128


- 160 positions become 320, Potential Earning $256


- 320 positions become 640, Potential Earning $512


- 640 positions become 1,280, Potential Earning $1,024


- 1,280 positions become 2,560, Potential Earning $2,048


-2,560 positions become 5,120, Potential Earning $4,096

Multiply Your Earnings: Purchase the 25 Pack for $27.50, and you'll have 25 positions. Multiply the potential earnings above by 5 – it's astonishing!

Choose Your Purchase Option

We offer 7 purchase options; each granting ad credits for text and banner ads

Single Position


$0.20 Matching Bonus on cycle

1 Position (Purhase again after 7 hrs)

$0.80 Per Cycle

2 Free Positions After All Cycled

Potential Cycle Earnings from 2 free positions: $1.60

100 Ad Credits

5 Pack


$0.50 Instant Referral Bonus

5 Position ((1 position released to the cycler per 6 hrs)

$0.80 Per Cycle

10 Free Positions After All Cycled

Potential Cycle Earnings from 10 free positions: $8

500 Ad Credits

15 Pack


$0.50 Instant Referral Bonus

15 Positions(1 position released to the cycler per 5 hrs)

$0.80 Per Cycle

30 Free Positions After All Cycled

Potential Cycle Earnings from 30 free positions: $24

1500 Ad Credits

25 Pack


$2.50 Instant Referral Bonus

25 Positions (1 position released to the cycler per 4 hrs)

$0.80 Per Cycle

50 Free Positions After All Cycled

Potential Cycle Earnings from 50 free positions: $40

2,500 Ad Credits

50 Pack


$5.00 Instant Referral Bonus

50 Positions(1 position released to the cycler per 3 hrs)

$0.80 Per Cycle

100 Free Positions After All Cycled

Potential Cycle Earnings from 100 free positions: $80

5,000 Ad Credits

100 Pack


$10 Instant Referral Bonus

100 Positions (1 position released to the cycler per 2 hrs)

$0.80 Per Cycle

200 Free Positions After All Cycled

Potential Cycle Earnings from 200 free positions: $160

10,000 Ad Credits

150 Pack


$15 Instant Referral Bonus

150 Positions (1 position released to the cycler per 1 hr)

$0.80 Per Cycle

300 Free Positions After All Cycled

Potential Cycle Earnings from 300 free positions: $240

15,000 Ad Credits

3X1 Company forced Matrix

Level Cost Total Earned Auto Re-entry Re-entry Cost Matching Bonus Payout
1 $1.00 $3.00 2 $2.00 $0.20 $0.80
Minimum Deposit $6

What are you waiting for? Click that "Join Now" button, and let's get you started on the path to financial prosperity. Don't forget to tell your friends about us - together, we'll reach new heights!

**Disclaimer:** * The earnings and results presented here are for illustrative purposes only. Your actual income and success in the MLM program may vary and depend on a range of factors including your individual effort, dedication, and the time you invest in the business. MLM is not a guaranteed way to earn income, and there are no assurances of achieving the same results as those depicted. Please exercise due diligence and carefully consider the risks and rewards before participating in any MLM opportunity

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